Board of Directors


Stella Michael, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Julie Blanco , President

Claire Horlings Vice President

Nathan Roudbash, Treasurer

Roshan Nepal, Assistant Treasurer

Kendra Valkema, Secretary

Minnie Morey Executive Director

Cora Hanselman, Financial Officer

Board of Directors

  • Ashley Diersch
  • Karen Koh
  • Suhwoo Hahn
  • Kim Koeman
  • Zyra Castillo
  • Katie Bozek
  • Christina Fong
  • Jackie Lynn
  • Thao Tran
  • Bing Goei
  • Nadeem Hamid


Nathan Roudbash ( Treasurer )

Roshan Nepal ( Assistant Treasurer )

Graduated from the Westfield State University, Westfield, MA, and hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, major in Business Management and Concentration in Accounting. Number loving guy since from the childhood. Work for non-profit where major responsibilities include managing financial work supporting the organization short and long-term goals. Before working for non-profit, I was working for Amazon on India for around 7 years, started from an Accountant and promoted till director of finance, managing more than 65 peoples. Father of two sons- Naman and Nayan.Believe in humanity and volunteers.

Kendra Valkema ( Secretary )

Karen Koh ( Director )

Suhwoo Hahn ( Director )

Kim Koeman ( Director )

Kim Koeman is the Senior Program Manager at Herman Miller, leading the company’s corporate foundation and global giving program. She’s also an active member of Herman Miller’s Asian Equity Team. Kim holds an MA in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a BA in Studio Art from Calvin College. With a heart for social justice, Kim is part of the Council for Government and Education on Equity and Inclusion, which focuses on strategies and best practices in education that are centered on the root causes of systemic inequity. She also serves on the Leadership Team and as a Committee Chair for Women of Color Give, an organization that is built for and led by women of color. Kim joined West Michigan Asian American Association in June 2021. Through her experiences of living abroad, in places such as South Korea, Ghana, Hungary, and the UK, Kim enjoys bringing a global perspective to the local initiatives she’s involved in. She currently resides in Holland, Michigan, with her husband and three children.

Christina Fong ( Director )

Jackie Frens ( Director )

Jackie Frens has been an educator in New Jersey, Michigan and at an international school near Jakarta, Indonesia. She was adopted from South Korea. She has lived in South Korea, Japan and Indonesia as well as Virginia, New Jersey, California and Michigan. She has served as a panelist for discussions involving adoption and bridge building surrounding anti-racism. She is honored to serve on the West Michigan Asian American Association Board as she considers it an opportunity to connect with other marginalized communities in West Michigan.

Thao Tran ( Director )

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