WMAAA Mentorship Scholarship Program

WMAAA’s Mentorship Scholarship Program is intended to inspire college students to successfully achieve their dreams by offering a support system that is shaped by experience and insight from local working professionals. This program was born with a vision to inspire diverse students to develop and expand a strong professional network, learn excellent communication skills, build self-confidence, promote innovation, and foster the entrepreneurial spirit.
• Reach out to local college students to impress civic and community responsibility.
• Bridge gaps by connecting college students with local working professionals.
• Provide experiential learning through informative instruction including but not limited to communication, leader­ship, professional etiquette, behavior, and getting the most out of networking events.
WMAAA will select a student for the Mentorship Scholarship Program and upon successful completion; the student will receive a $2,500 scholarship.
The Mentorship Scholarship Program will be tailored for the individual student. It may include job shadowing, lunch opportunities with area business professionals, organizing volunteerism, grant writing, surveying, fund raising, and marketing.
•  Diverse students with academic achievements and community involvement.
•  Applicants need to submit a maximum of two-page, double-spaced:
oProposal for a local diverse community need or
oEssay related to their personal experiences of diversity in their community
•  Submit a resume.
•  Attend a local West Michigan college (include college name, major and GPA).
•  Own transportation.
•  Successful completion of the Mentorship Scholarship Program is required to be awarded the scholarship.   Proposals and essays will be judged by WMAAA Board.
To Apply
•  Please submit your application on WMAAA’s website (
) by January 31, 2014.
•  The selected individual will be notified by the WMAAA’s Mentorship Scholarship Committee.
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